Less is more: ‘Mies days’ are golden at Sam Crawford Architects

15 months ago we introduced a nine-day fortnight.

Director Sam Crawford said: “We named our day off a ‘Mies Day’, after Mies van der Rohe of ‘less is more’ fame. We felt a nine-day fortnight was the right balance and suited our method of working and collaborating, and clients have adjusted to it well. The transition was very smooth with a six month trial.”

The main benefit has been staff well-being.

Staff love: Sleeping in. Art classes. Playing with kids. Long weekends up the coast. Shopping. A day just for me. And welcome time for medical appointments and life admin.

Wellbeing surveys show an overwhelmingly positive response – most staff felt less stressed, and were able to manage their workload.

Profitability has not been affected by the change and staff indicate their productivity levels have improved. And full time job applicants respond well to an extra month a year off work with no drop in salary.