‘On A Clear Day’ by artist Robyn Stacey

One of our talented clients, Robyn Stacey, is exhibiting a new series of photographic artwork, ‘On a Clear Day’. The work is centered around four sculptural apertures opening to the sky in SCA’s Darlinghurst Terrace.⁠

Robyn explores light and colour, wrapping the skylights with oversized photographic colour gels. Her artwork is fueled by her knowledge of the camera obscura and she comments that, “I do not ‘make’ the images but rather decide when to press the shutter.”

From her artist’s statement: “The structural design of the openings creates form and dimension producing shadows and highlights which merge with the light and colour to create luminous spaces in which the light is palpable.”⁠

The exhibit is open from 4 May – 1 June 2024 at Darren Knight Gallery.⁠