Beare Park Amenities

Elizabeth Bay, NSW

Accessible and safe, sympathetic to the existing landscape.

Beare Park Amenities

2008 Elizabeth Bay, NSW

A robust, light-filled, low maintenance, vandal-resistant building, sits unobtrusively within its landscaped setting.

As a part of a landscape regeneration of Beare Park we were appointed by the City of Sydney to redesign the existing amenities building, whilst upholding their environmental objectives.

The building is set against a rock face on the south-east corner of the park, on the edge of a large open lawn. It is also viewed from above by residents of neighbouring apartment buildings.

The new building is accessible and safe, sympathetic to the existing landscape by incorporating a green wall and roof. It retains as much of the existing brick shell as possible to minimise the use of new materials. Our solution introduced a steel screen to neatly contain vertical planting, and a new concrete roof supported by the existing brick walls planted with drought-resistant species.

We maximised natural light into the toilets, including light reflected off the water to the underside of the new off-form concrete roof. And provided a connection back to the harbour from inside the building, by way of a mirror window.


Green Magazine 2009

Project Team

Sam Crawford, Amy Leenders, Claire McCaughan


Regal Innovations


Electrical Engineer – Lighting Art & Science
Hydraulic Engineer – ACOR Consultants
Landscape Architect – Jane Irwin Landscape Architects
Structural Engineer – Partridge Partners


Brett Boardman


City of Sydney