Transforming construction materials into lighting


Dover Heights, NSW

The Conway Atkins House provided an opportunity for us to push our design thinking beyond the built fabric of the house and into the design of bespoke light fittings.

The Cloud Pendant, realised through a close collaboration with lighting makers Light Shed, utilises hardwood off-cuts from the construction site, carefully inlaid with milled brass and lasercut steel to create a weightless looking tubular constellation. Designed to reflect the spectacular horizon lines viewed from Dover Heights House, the timber sits vertically at differing heights, while the steel and brass plates offer space to hide the electrical componentry and add interest to the material palette.

Care was taken to position the luminaires out of sight and in such a way as to provide consistent light coverage. The resulting light is functional and beautifully complements its surroundings.


Project Team

Sam Crawford, Matthew Bolton, Imogene Tudor


Conway Atkins House




Brett Boardman