Harbour House

Gadi Country / Vaucluse, NSW

Maximising solar and harbour views.

Harbour House

2006 Gadi Country / Vaucluse, NSW

Designed for a growing young family on a west-facing site overlooking Sydney harbour, this house is a direct expression of our client’s clear vision. They wanted to maximise winter solar gain and the expansive views of the harbour, in the context of the close proximity of neighbouring houses.

A central staircase, with a north-facing pop-up roof over, brings sunlight to the centre of the house. Living areas, centred on the kitchen, access both the terrace overlooking the harbour and rear garden pool.


Blueprint Asia August 2008
Sydney Morning Herald ‘Essential’ April 2007
100 Dream Houses from Downunder, Images Publishing, 2008

Project Team

Sam Crawford, Cressida Beale, Jane Crawford, Jonathan Moore, John Bralic



Consultant Team

Geotechnical Engineer: Asset Geotec
Heritage: John Oultram
Landscape Design: 360 degrees
Nathers: Andrew Spaile & Assoc
Stormwater: Bonnarcci Rickard
Structural Engineer: O’Hearn & Assoc




Brett Boardman