Ian Potter Kiosk and Amenities

Centennial Park, NSW

Sam Crawford Architects worked with Landscape Architects Aspect Studios to design an amenities and kiosk building as part of an open range “wild play” space in the Centennial Parklands. The distinctive twisting roof is designed to recall a bird in flight through the trees while a large sculptural gutter has been designed to playfully collect rainwater to celebrate the natural weather cycles. Simple materials of brick and timber are expressively used to create a play of light and texture.



Project Team

Sam Crawford, Ken Warr, Imogene Tudor, Benjamin Chan

Consultant Team

Landscape & Head Consultant: Aspect Studios
Structural Engineers: Fleetwood
Structural Engineers: Lindsay Dynan
Hydraulic Engineers: Erbas
Civil Engineers: Lindsay Dynan
Electrical: Erbas
Accessibility: Morris Goding Accessibility Consulting
BCA: Blackett Maguire + Goldsmith
Quantity Surveyor: WT Partnership
Land Surveyor: OPUS