Wave House

Cammeraigal Country / West Chatswood, NSW

Contemporary addition sited to retain original home and neighbour’s light.

Wave House

2008 Cammeraigal Country / West Chatswood, NSW

The Wave House constitutes a modest addition to a 1930s home on Sydney’s North Shore. The site is accessed from a narrow lane way and falls steeply into a heavily vegetated gully overlooking an expansive valley dominated by tall eucalyptus and distant mountain views. It is overlooked on two sides by tall apartment buildings, and a neighbouring house.

Our brief was to create a contemporary addition to accommodate a new dining/living room, laundry/bathroom and ensuite to the master bedroom. By placing the new rooms on the southern side we avoided destroying the original portion of the house, and its historic connection to the site.

Daylight access into the living areas was a key concern for the project. Utilising simple principles of passive solar design, the folded roof form lifts over the rear of the existing building and the overhangs provide shade during summer, while high level glazing allows winter sunlight deep into the living spaces. The folded roof also reduces the scale of the new works to the neighbouring property, without compromising the neighbours’ access to northern light.

Our client’s modest budget was met with a simple palette of materials including polycarbonate sheeting, metal decking, timber and bamboo floors.


2009 NSW Australian Institute Of Architects (shortlisted) Wilkinson Award


Belle Magazine Feb/Mar 2009
Houses Issue 67, 2009

Project Team

Sam Crawford, Nic Tang, Miles Heine, Cressida Beale


Latitude Construction

Consultant Team

Quantity Surveyor: QS Plus, Matthew Saunderson
Structural Engineer: O’Hearn Consulting, Brendan Prentice




Brett Boardman