Clovelly House

2020 Gadi / Eora Country, Clovelly, NSW

Clovelly House is a renovation of an existing home located in a striking coastal setting. The owners purchased the house from original architect John Bradley, who designed and built the quirky house for himself as part of an unusual sub-division in the 1980s. After living in the house for 12 years with only two bedrooms and one living room, the owners desired additional space.

We took the brief for a new kitchen, home office, and a second bathroom, and designed a sun-filled loft to act as a study, sitting room or overflow sleeping space for overnight guests. An expanded kitchen, new joinery throughout, and bathroom conversion completes the unique design.

The informal qualities and unusual character of the existing house were thoughtfully resolved in the new design. A simple palette of materials allows the spatial qualities of each room to be the focal point. The raked ceiling in the new loft is lined with plywood, strategically selected to reduce glare from the coastal views.

The house offers comfort all year round, where different rooms are used depending upon prevailing conditions. The sunny, north-facing living room offers warmth and light. The south-facing deck and dining area offer a cool retreat in summer. The sunken brick courtyard to the street provides protection from the strong winds while still allowing interaction with the street and views across the ocean.

During construction extensive weather damage was revealed requiring the house to be stripped back and almost completely rebuilt. All windows and doors were replaced and opening sizes increased to take in the views, breezes and light. The exposed coastal location demanded a meticulous design response to ensure longevity and reduce maintenance.

A sensitivity to the environmental and community context has shaped the built outcome. The design provides a series of contrasting rooms that enriches the lives of the owners, providing them with space for thinking, for hosting, and for retreating.

Project Team

Sam Crawford, Louisa Gee, Ken Warr, Allen Huang, Madeleine Rowe


Invue Homes

Consultant Team

Structural Engineer – Cantilever
Hydraulic Engineer – Inline Hydraulic
Quantity Surveyor – QS Plus
Joinery – Square Peg


Randwick City Council


Tom Ferguson