Lighting design inspired by iconic architect

Eora Country / Dover Heights, NSW

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Lighting design inspired by iconic architect

2016 Eora Country / Dover Heights, NSW

This living room light is inspired by Alvar Aalto’s Villa Mairea. Timber rods bound by leather strapping cast intricate patterns of light on the wall and ceiling, offsetting the simplicity of the external form. The dowels were meticulously crafted to sit on a flush circular fixing that allowed light from the hidden luminaire to stream unobstructed down its centre, whilst reflecting light between the dowel spacings. Time was taken to design a custom fixing system from laser-cut steel that allowed the changing of the luminaire when needed.

The Hamilkar was positioned at the centre-point of both a curved wall and curved partition made up of spotted gum timber columns. Both our clients and the designers are happy with the result.

Project Team

Sam Crawford, Matthew Bolton, Imogene Tudor, Lachlan Delaney


Conway Atkins House




Brett Boardman