Scotland Island House II

Guringai Country / Scotland Island, NSW

A simple, low maintenance easy to live in home capturing stunning views.

Scotland Island House II

2020 Guringai Country / Scotland Island, NSW

Scotland Island, one of two inhabited islands in the Sydney area, has a population of about 600 people. It is reached only by boat, and forms part of an offshore community that includes Elvina and Lovett Bays on the edge of the Ku-ring-gai* Chase National Park. It lies within the lands of the Guringai* people, the original inhabitants of the area.

Our clients asked us to design a simple house, that is easy to live in and maintain, and that would capture the stunning views of Pittwater and the Ku-ring-gai* Chase National Park, as well as the surrounding bush and nearby beach. Our design prioritises the view, and the privacy from neighbouring properties, placing the living rooms on the upper floor and bedrooms on the lower. Ample winter sun reaches deep into the living rooms, and folding roofs afford high and low level windows to promote natural cross ventilation. Dark and muted timber cladding allows the building to visually nestle into the tree-covered hillside, moderating the impact of the building within the natural setting of the island and when viewed from Pittwater. A timber path and stair leads from the private jetty to the house.

We worked with master builder Ryan Stidwill on this house and another home on the island.

Middens, containing remnants of shells and fish gathered and cooked by Guringai*, have been found on the northern and western parts of the island and there are numerous rock engravings carved by the Guringai* people on the surrounding hills.

* names not accepted by all Indigenous people



2020 Australian Timber Design Awards – Winner


Second Home: A Different Way of Living by Stephen Crafti
Green Magazine, Issue 77

SCA Project Team

Sam Crawford, Benjamin Chan, Ken Warr, Annie Vu


RW Stidwill Constructions


Arborist – Birds Tree Consultancy
Bushfire – Sydney Bushfire Consultants
Civil, Geotech, Hydraulic Engineer – Martens & Associates
Landscape Architect – Spirit Level Designs
Structural engineer – Cantilever Consultant Engineers


Northern Beaches Council


Brett Boardman