The land on which we live and work, and the land on which our projects are built, is aboriginal land. Archaeological evidence suggests that Aboriginal people have lived on the Australian continent for at least 65,000 years. About 20,000 years ago Aboriginal people passed beyond the Blue Mountains to the area that is now known as Sydney. Non-aboriginal people have lived in the Sydney region for just 230 years.

As a practice, we are working towards an understanding of that fact, and how it might inform our relationship to the land, its original people, and the work that we do. We acknowledge that we have a long way to go

Our Approach

Architecture for us is about listening to our clients, helping them define their needs, providing a creative and flexible solution, working to a budget, and delivering as agreed. We add value.

We are known for being client focussed and highly collaborative with expert consultants, builders, suppliers and artists.

Research is integral to our design process and we are highly strategic on all of our projects. We work with an openness and rigor that drives us to explore both expected and unexpected solutions to design challenges. We devise solutions that do many things at once; as much as possible with as little as possible.

On all of our projects, we focus on seven core principles:

1. People

First and foremost we design places for people, for our clients and others to occupy, to experience, and to enjoy.  We think unconventionally about the infinite possibilities of experience and occupation.

2. Place

Whether it be a dense urban environment or a pristine natural setting, our architecture is inspired by its place. We strive to create buildings and spaces that respond to and enhance the physical and intangible aspects of place; of your site and it’s context.

3. Purpose

Throughout the design process, from concept design to project completion; we consider function on both abstract and practical levels.  We work collaboratively with our clients to clearly define the intended uses of a building or space and make it the prime generator of the design.

4. Delight

What is it like to experience a space from inside and out? How is the form expressed? What are the qualities of place? What are the qualities of space?  How does the light play across a surface at different times of day? Where does the breeze come from? How does it make you feel? How do we engender a sense of delight in our buildings? These are the questions that our architecture seeks to answer.

5. Efficiency

We view budgetary constraint as a generator of innovation. We understand that delivering a project on a budget is critical to it’s success. We work closely with our clients and cost consultant from concept to detailed design, documentation and construction to ensure this reality.

6. Sustainability

We take a long term view of sustainability and work on the basis that a robust, passively designed buildings suited to long life are more sustainable than buildings reliant on high-tech environmental solutions. We explore a range of life-cycle environmental issues including material selection, waste, water and energy reduction, re-use, recycling and adaptive re-use to minimize our impact on the natural environment.

7. Value

Sam Crawford Architects add value. We add value to your project – to the process and the outcome.

Our Quality Policy 

Established in 1999, Sam Crawford Architects (SCA) is an innovative, design-driven practice based in Sydney, NSW, Australia. We approach each brief, each client and each site as a unique opportunity. We believe that successful buildings, whether large or small, are designed to enrich people’s lives and the quality of their environment.

SCA aims to deliver excellence in design and architectural services that meet our client’s needs and surpass their expectations.

In order to achieve these aims SCA has, since its inception, developed processes to generate, maintain and improve the quality of its services and built work. Compliance with, maintenance and continuous improvement of a Management System that meets the requirements of the International Standard ISO 9001:2015 is an essential part of that ongoing process.

Everyone at SCA embraces the implementation and ongoing development of our systems, policies, procedures and business techniques that form the basis of our quality management system, with the express intent of delivering design excellence. The effective adoption of the principles contained in this system and all of the supporting documentation is led by me (Sam Crawford) with our Quality Management Committee and forms a shared responsibility of every member of the practice.