Dulwich Hill Double

Wan Country / Dulwich, NSW

Dramatic double height curved void brings in light.

Dulwich Hill Double

2020 Wan Country / Dulwich, NSW

Dulwich Hill Double consists of alterations and additions to a Federation era house – updating, restoring and adding to the dwelling to accommodate three generations of the one family.

Unsympathetic additions from over the years have been removed and the original house restored to its former glory. It now houses the children’s bedrooms and bathroom as well as a small self-contained apartment for the family matriarch. A contemporary brick and lightweight clad addition has been added to the rear of the dwelling, consisting of open plan living spaces and kitchen downstairs, and main bedroom and study suite upstairs.

The rear wing is connected to the original dwelling via a breezeway between two courtyards. The white, highly decorative hallway of the original dwelling gives way to the fully glazed walls of the breezeway leading into a dramatic double height curved void. This opens where the stair meets the central hall and tapers towards the living spaces, drawing the eye and the occupants down a set of stairs between two black-clad boxes in which concealed doorways provide access to service areas and a children’s playroom.

At the end of the hall the house expands into the living, dining and kitchen area where a much larger void over the dining room draws in light and allows cross ventilation. No air conditioning is used in the dwelling and during daylight hours internal spaces are naturally lit, even on an overcast day.  The brick column in the centre of the rear façade mediates between the house and the yard, creating a sense of enclosure, whilst still allowing a strong connection between internal and external spaces.

Project Team

Sam Crawford, Jarad Grice, Aine Dowling, Ken Warr


Build by Design

Consultant Team

Structural Engineer – Cantilever
Hydraulic Engineer – ITM Design
PCA – Hackett Certification & Fire Consulting


Inner West Council


Brett Boardman