Hurlstone Memorial Reserve Community Centre

2023 Wan Country / Hurlstone Park, NSW

A curved Y-shaped community pavilion connects with its suburban park setting, allowing multiple access points and vistas, functioning as a landscape element to welcome the local community.

Connectivity was the key design driver, directing both the form and layout of the community centre. The soft Y shape allows multiple entry points so the building can be approached from the key access points in the park. Its three curved sides feature large glass doors, allowing cross ventilation and accessibility.

The layout also allows spaces around the building to be maximised for public use. Each side forms a sheltered courtyard that allows simultaneous active and passive recreational use by diverse groups. Circulation around the building is also facilitated so that no one side is the ‘back’ and therefore under-utilised.

The shape of the building minimises the building mass, allows views through the building from key park entry points whilst framing views to all areas of the park. The pavilion is lifted off the ground to avoid flooding and to provide seating around the edge. 

The sculpted metal roof form is pitched on its edges to create a sense of dynamism and arrival. Perforated screens on the roof and undulating facade create a lantern effect offering views out and up, bringing light in, and promoting safety. The materials, colours and forms complement the Federation heritage of the area.

The 143m2 pavilion features adaptable and accessible spaces – a community room and a covered outdoor area can be used independently or opened up into one space for larger functions via large sliding glass doors. There is a kitchen and public toilet facilities.

The design features robust, durable building materials, low maintenance and minimal operational costs, passive design principles (minimising air conditioning and maximising solar), plus passive security.


2024 – AIA NSW Small Project Architecture – Shortlist


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Project Team

Sam Crawford, Justine Anderson, Liam Marosy-Weide, Christine Guan, Ken Warr

Consultant Team

Planner & Heritage: Damian O’Toole Town Planning & Heritage Services
Structural & Civil Engineer: Stantec
Hydraulic Engineer: Partridge
Electrical & Mechanical Engineer: Evolved Engineering
Geotechnical Engineer: GeoEnviro Consultancy
BCA & Access Consultant: AED Group
Acoustic Engineer: Day Design
Traffic Engineer: Jones Nicholson
Landscape Architects: Gallagher Studio
Quantity Surveyor: Z & L Consulting Pty Ltd


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