UNSW Bike Workshop

Bede Country / Kensington, NSW

The Bike Workshop Facility is designed to respond to the diverse and changing needs of cyclists. The hub caters for everyone from self-service repairs by advanced riders through to education workshops for first-timers.

Bike maintenance is a social activity that helps students broaden their skills and specialised knowledge, contributing to their personal development. A bicycle to a young person represents the ability to get around their neighbourhood. It offers independence and empowerment but also helps form their identity.

The proposed floor, wall and ceiling assemblies are designed to all be made from the same prefabricated panelised cassette system. This modular approach facilitates an efficient and swift construction process, and allows for new configurations if dismantled and rebuilt on a new site.

Aspects of the bike workshop lend itself to outdoor or semi-external spaces, protected by a large canopy roof. Passive design will be utilised. Shutters that open provide additional shade and protection, bringing in natural light and air, and secure the workshop if closed down ‘after hours’.

The integration of multimedia and technology, including the provision for e-bikes will be achieved by electrical engineers Lighting Art + Science, and hydraulic services executed by Inline hydraulic engineers.



Project Team

Sam Crawford, Louisa Gee, Caitlin Condon

Consultant Team

Structural Engineer: Partridge
Hydraulic Engineer: InLine Hydraulic Services
Electrical Engineer: Lighting, Art + Science


University of New South Wales (UNSW)